The Independent Investigations Office is a civilian-led agency at the forefront of police oversight models around the world. With a province-wide mandate, the IIO’s vision is to enhance the public’s confidence in police accountability.


Director, Public Engagement and Policy

The IIO is currently recruiting for the position of Director, Public Engagement and Policy. For more information , see the job profile here.


Chief of Investigations

The IIO is currently recruiting for the position of Chief of Investigations. For more information on this this role please see the job profile here. 


Request for Proposal, IIO Case Management System 

The Independent Investigations Office  is inviting proponents to submit proposals to in relation to the IIO’s need for a Case Management System, which is to be licensed to the Province as commercial-off-the-shelf software (COTS), along with installation, maintenance, support, and training for the system.

The Case Management System will be used by the IIO to manage the investigations, collect and store investigative data and assist in preparing disclosure packages (report to Crown Counsel). The Case Management System will also be used to generate reports for operational analysis and planning.

The IIO currently has approximately 30 to 35 people who use IIO’s existing case management system (the “existing CMS”) on a concurrent basis. For the New Case Management System it is expected that the this number will increase to 55 or more users on a concurrent basis.

The existing CMS contains over 750 incident notifications and investigations with, on average, 45 to 50 concurrently open ongoing and active investigations.

The term of the Contract will be three (3) years with (2) options to renew for a term of two (2) years each at the sole discretion of the Province.

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