The creation of the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) profoundly changes the way police in British Columbia are investigated when they have been involved in incidents that result in death or serious harm. The IIO is responsible to investigate these incidents everywhere in British Columbia, and is committed to ensuring that communities are well informed of our mandate, operations and investigative structure.

We believe that the best way to inform communities about our work is to meet them. To achieve this goal, the IIO has developed a Community Engagement strategy. This strategy commits the Chief Civilian Director and staff to hosting community meetings in select communities across the province as well as attending key regional events and other outreach opportunities.

In addition to community engagement, the IIO has dedicated resources to develop and maintain our relationships with our stakeholders. Stakeholders include First Nations leadership; community advocacy; non-profit organizations; other government ministries; police services; civil libertarian agencies; faculties of education and other civilian oversight agencies. We will be looking for opportunities to engage in discussion, consultation and public education across the province and in particular, across the diverse population we serve.

Stakeholder Relations Liaison

The Stakeholder Relations Liaison is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating a framework for community engagement and stakeholder consultation strategies throughout the province including client services, responding to complaints, requests for information and issues management. This entails building and maintaining partnerships with our stakeholders and promotes the transparency and accountability goals of the IIO.

In addition, the Stakeholder Relations Liaison is a resource to IIO investigators who may require information about the communities where an incident has taken place, in particular, any cultural protocols that need to be respected in First Nations and other Aboriginal communities.

Affected Persons Program

Affected Persons and their families are at the centre of all IO investigations.  As the IIO only becomes involved in incidents in which serious harm or death occur, every incident has the potential to significantly impact those directly or indirectly involved. Affected Persons have the right to be supported throughout the investigation and be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. The Affected Persons Program strives to provide support to those affected by incidents where it appears that a person may have died or suffered serious harm as the result of actions of a police officer, or any other prescribed offences within the mandate of the IIO.

The focus of the Affected Persons Program is to provide services to Affected Persons, their families and communities. The Affected Persons Program has the primary responsibility to provide emotional, practical and educational support to an Affected Person, the Affected Person’s family members and / or the Affected Person’s community during an IIO investigation. The mission of the Affected Persons Program is to provide professional and timely assistance to Affected Persons and their families in an attempt to lessen the impact of the critical incident. The Affected Persons Liaison works with Affected Persons and their families to determine their service needs, concerns and expectations.