The IIO is comprised of two main work units – Investigations and Corporate:

Investigations: Led by the Chief of Investigations, Operations and Chief of Investigations, Strategy, Performance and Engagement, the IIO has three teams of Investigators and one specialized forensics support team. Each of the four teams is led by a Director. IIO Investigators are comprised of former police officers and civilians who have investigative backgrounds. Investigators from non-policing backgrounds have significant experience in a wide variety of investigative, legal, regulatory and enforcement fields. The forensics support team is staffed by Investigators with specialized skills who conduct scene examinations as well as monitor the work of police forensic personnel to ensure that scene processing and evidence collection maintains a high standard. The Investigation teams are supported administratively by four Investigations Assistants and an Investigative Analyst.

Included in the Investigations unit are two Affected Persons Liaisons (APL) who provide support to those affected by incidents the IIO is investigating. This support includes referrals to resources in the affected person’s, or their family’s, community, in addition to providing investigative updates where practicable. The APL is the conduit between affected persons and families and the IIO.

Corporate: Led by the Chief Operating Officer are corporate areas that support Investigations and the CCD.

Legal: The Legal team performs two primary functions: offering legal support and advice to the Investigations unit to ensure appropriate legal protocols are followed. The team also offers legal support and advice directly to the Chief Civilian Director in organizational or file related matters.

Public Engagement and Policy: Public Engagement and Policy is responsible for coordinating responses to media inquiries, community outreach, internal/external communications, corporate policies, privacy, information and records management.

Corporate Services: The Corporate Services team encompasses several program areas, including Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Training and Administrative Support.

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