The creation of the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) profoundly changed the way police in British Columbia were investigated when they were involved in incidents that resulted in death or serious harm. The IIO is responsible for investigating these incidents everywhere in British Columbia and is committed to ensuring that communities are well informed of our mandate, operations and investigative structure.

We believe that the best way to inform communities about our work is to meet them. To achieve this goal, the IIO has developed a Community Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement Plan. This plan commits the Chief Civilian Director and staff to meeting with as many community groups as possible across the province, as well as attending key regional events and other outreach opportunities.

The objectives behind these outreach and engagement efforts are:

• To promote understanding of the IIO’s mandate and role in oversight;
• To develop and strengthen strategic relationships; and
• To increase public awareness and address misconceptions.

These objectives support the IIO’s organizational goals of investigative excellence, timeliness and relationships, as outlined in the IIO’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

We are looking for opportunities to engage in discussion, consultation and public education across the province and across the diverse population we serve. The IIO will be reaching out to connect with various groups, including but not limited to:

• First Nations Communities
• Community Advocacy and Civil Liberties Groups
• Non-profit Organizations
• Police Agencies
• Academic Institutions

If you see an opportunity for the IIO to engage with your community, please contact us.

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