The IIO aims to achieve investigative excellence and transparent reporting of serious police incidents for British Columbians. The IIO intends to do this by sharing notifications relating to investigative files that meet the serious harm and death threshold of a police-involved incident.

If the CCD concludes that an officer may have committed an offence, he may report the matter to Crown Counsel. If he does not make a report to Crown Counsel, he is permitted by s.38.121 of the Police Act to publicly report the reasoning underlying his decision.

Below is a list of all IIO files that are either currently being investigated, have been referred to Crown Counsel or have been concluded with a public report. Click on the file number to see any related media releases regarding each file.

There are several search fields to make it easier to find a particular case you are interested in. Search by file number, date, location and police jurisdiction.

The data reported on this page is based on initial reports to the IIO from a third party who initiated the IIO investigation, and should not be relied upon for statistical purposes. For any changes that may have occurred to this file following the IIO investigation, please refer to the relevant IIO public report or media release.

If the IIO receives a notification and it determines that the incident is not within the IIO’s mandate, it is recorded as an advice file for information only file and is not included in the records below.

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Found 7 cases that matched your search results.
Case Number: 2016-153
Incident Date: August 6, 2016
Location: Vernon
Agency: RCMP - Lumby
Incident Classification: Serious Harm
Case Number: 2016-055
Incident Date: March 21, 2016
Location: Coquitlam
Agency: RCMP - Coquitlam
Incident Classification: Serious Harm
Case Number: 2016-031
Incident Date: February 20, 2016
Location: North Cowichan/Duncan
Agency: RCMP - North Cowichan/Duncan
Incident Classification: Serious Harm
Case Number: 2015-128
Incident Date: September 15, 2015
Location: Penticton
Agency: RCMP - Penticton
Incident Classification: Death
Case Number: 2014-176
Incident Date: October 8, 2014
Location: Terrace
Agency: RCMP - Terrace
Incident Classification: Serious Harm
Case Number: 2014-107
Incident Date: June 15, 2014
Location: Nanaimo
Agency: RCMP - Nanaimo
Incident Classification: Serious Harm
Case Number: 2013-058
Incident Date: November 7, 2013
Location: Surrey
Agency: RCMP - Surrey
Incident Classification: Serious Harm
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