FAQ Group: Affected person and family members

Is an Affected Person required to cooperate with the IIO?

An Affected Person is not compelled to cooperate with an IIO investigation. However, the Affected Person’s account of what took place is important to the IIO’s investigation. In addition, the Affected Person’s medical records are often required to confirm serious harm and that the IIO mandate to investigate is met.

What does the Affected Persons Liaison do?

The Affected Persons Liaison (APL) provides support to those affected by incidents the IIO is investigating or their family if they have died.

The APL will:

  • explain the role of the IIO and the investigative process;
  • discuss how the various investigative agencies work together;
  • facilitate access to support services in the community; and
  • act as a liaison through the life of the file by providing updates and relaying questions to the investigative team.

What is an Affected Person?

An Affected Person, or AP, in an IIO investigation is the person who suffered serious harm or died in a police-involved incident. In cases where a person has died as a result of the incident, their family is offered support and updates.

Many of the individuals involved in an IIO investigation are “suspects” in police concurrent investigations. Rather than use the terms suspect or victim, the IIO uses ‘Affected Person’ to maintain a neutrality that is consistent with the IIO mandate to conduct fair and unbiased investigations.

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