FAQ Group: General FAQs about the IIO

Will the IIO ever take on historical cases?

The IIO investigates incidents that occurred after the office became operational on September 10, 2012. Given the provisions of the Police Act, it is unlikely that incidents that occurred before this date will be investigated by the IIO.

Under what circumstances will the IIO use police transportation?

The IIO is committed to a timely response to all incident scenes given the resources available to its investigators.  As such, the IIO, upon notification of an incident, will determine the means of transportation that will ensure the timeliest response possible.  If an incident takes place outside of the Lower Mainland, the IIO may use transportation available from the RCMP or another police agency, to include airplanes and boats that are readily available at no cost.

When will the IIO use police facilities during an investigation?

There are some circumstances under which IIO Investigators will use police facilities in order to ensure a timely, competent investigation. The IIO will seek to interview civilian witnesses at a neutral location; however, if there is no objection by the witness, for the sake of convenience the interview may be conducted at a police facility. The IIO also makes regular use of provincial government offices when required.

When does the IIO use police forensic services?

The IIO has a team of forensic experts who conduct forensic investigations for the IIO, as well as being responsible for engaging with, monitoring, and reviewing the work of police forensic personnel to ensure that scene processing and evidence collection is according to best practices and meets the expectations of Crown Counsel and the courts. IIO Investigators take possession of relevant evidence and secure it in IIO facilities.

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