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Where can I find information about investigation trends?

Each year, the IIO is required to release an annual report. Each annual report is completed on a fiscal year basis. This means that the report captures the work of the IIO and statistical information from April 1st of the previous year, to March 31st in any given year.

The annual report provides information about the work of the IIO and the investigation process, discussion of our public education and outreach activities and discloses any recommendations the IIO made to police boards and/or government. We also release statistical information about caseload statistics, budgets and organizational developments. Read our latest Annual Report.

Why is the IIO so limited in what it can say while an investigation is ongoing?

While the investigation is ongoing, IIO investigators are in the process of gathering and assessing all the facts surrounding the incident.  Our practice is not release significant information until such time as the investigation is complete to ensure we have all the facts and have reached our conclusions. This ensures that the facts released are accurate. It also protects the integrity of the investigation, in particular by not impacting potential witnesses who may not have spoken to the IIO. In addition, given the potential for charges in each case, facts are not released as to do so may impact the fair trial interests of the person who may be charged.

Will the IIO release names of Affected Persons and Police Officers?

The IIO is bound by the laws surrounding privacy to protect the identity of persons involved in our investigations. Both the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Police Act contain provisions relevant to the IIO. As a result, the IIO will only release the names of person involved in an investigation where to do so is clearly in the public interest. This usually means there is a strong investigative necessity to release the name, or there are issues of public safety which require the release of a name. On some occasions, names will be released if the person impacted or their family has consented to such release.

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