FAQ Group: Media

Where can I find information about investigation trends?

The IIO releases an annual report capturing statistical data for each fiscal year, which runs from April 1 to March 31 every year. The annual report provides information about the IIO’s investigative process, and discussion of our public education and outreach activities. We also release statistical information about caseload statistics, budgets and organizational developments. The IIO’s annual reports can be found on the publications page.

Why is the IIO so limited in what it can say while an investigation is ongoing?

While the investigation is ongoing, IIO investigators are in the process of gathering and assessing evidence, including the interview of key witnesses. It is best practice to interview witnesses as soon as practicable to obtain an untainted statement. In order to avoid contaminating witness accounts, the IIO is careful not to release information that may influence a witness’s perception of an event. In addition, the IIO provides only minimal information at the outset of an investigation as the available details have not yet been subject to independent investigation. The IIO is committed to transparency to the public and conducting fair and unbiased investigations. We seek to balance these interests when deciding if and when a media release will be issued, and what information it will contain.

How do I get an interview with the Chief Civilian Director?

All media interview requests should be directed to the IIO’s Media and Communications Liaison via the media line 778 988 1041 or info@iiobc.ca. All requests will be responded to in as timely a manner as possible. Please indicate if your story has a deadline when requesting an interview or other information.

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