IIO Update April 25, 2016

Independent Investigations Office
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This update includes new cases (since last update April 1) under investigation where serious harm and a connection to the actions of police is being investigated and updates to those cases where jurisdiction has been released. The Chief Civilian Director (CCD) will release jurisdiction if the preliminary steps of an investigation does not establish serious harm and a connection to police.

New Investigations

These are new cases where the IIO was notified and an investigation is underway. The preliminary step of every investigation is to establish if there is serious harm or a connection between the injuries and the actions or inactions of the police.

IIO 2016-059 Williams Lake RCMP (serious harm)

On February 15, 2016, Williams Lake RCMP responded to a report of a disturbance at a residence. Upon arrival police located the subject of the complaint and made an arrest. Prior to arresting the subject of the complaint, police report that another individual in the residence was obstructing them, was arrested and suffered injuries.

IIO 2016-064 West Shore RCMP

On Tuesday April 5, 2016 a fatal collision occurred in the intersection of Peatt Road and Goldstream Avenue. The criminal investigation is being led by the RCMP Island District General Investigations Section, while the Saanich Police Department are overseeing the collision scene investigation. The IIO is investigating the circumstances leading up to the collision to determine if the actions or inactions of an officer may have contributed to the collision.

IIO 2016-065 – Upper Fraser Valley RCMP (death)

On April 6, 2016 police report they responded to a call of a disturbance at around 7:20 a.m. in the 46000 block of Yale Road in Chilliwack. Once they arrived at the scene they located the subject of the call and placed him under arrest. According to police, the male then went into medical distress, was transported to hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

IIO 2016-069 – Surrey RCMP (serious harm)

On April 11, 2016 police report that an altercation occurred with an individual in custody at the Surrey RCMP detachment. As a result of this altercation the individual suffered injuries and was transported to hospital.

IIO 2016-070 – Sooke RCMP (death)

On April 11, 2016 at 12 p.m., Sooke RCMP responded to a call in which a subject of a prior interaction with police had been found deceased. The initial focus of the IIO investigation is to determine if there is a connection between the death of the affected person and actions or inactions of officers.

IIO 2016-073 – Houston RCMP (death)

RCMP report that on April 21, 2016 at about 12:33 p.m. they were called to a dispute. Police say they arrived and established a perimeter around the subject residence. Contact with the residents was attempted. According to police, two people exited the residence, confronted police and shots were fired. Both people were attended to by paramedics but did not survive.

Jurisdiction Released

These are cases where the Chief Civilian Director has released jurisdiction in the absence of serious harm or a connection between the serious harm and the actions or inactions of police.

IIO 2016-026 New Westminster Police Department (no serious harm)

IIO 2016-035 Kamloops RCMP (no connection)

IIO 2016-036 New Westminster Police Department (no serious harm)

IIO 2016-044 Mission RCMP (no connection)

IIO 2016-057 Smithers RCMP (no connection)

IIO 2016-061 Abbotsford Police Department (no serious harm)

IIO 2016-063 New Denver RCMP (no connection)

IIO 2016-066 Salmon Arm RCMP (no connection)

IIO 2016-067 Vernon RCMP (no serious harm)

IIO 2016-068 Vancouver Police Department (no connection)

Reports to the Criminal Justice Branch

These are cases where the Chief Civilian Director found that an offence may have been committed and as a result he is obliged under the Police Act to refer the file to the Criminal Justice Branch for consideration of charges. The Chief Civilian Director does not recommend charges.

IIO 2014-067 Vancouver Police Department (serious harm)

On April 14, 2014 VPD responded to a call at a residence near Kingsway and Joyce Street in Vancouver. Upon arrival, police report they were confronted by a male who did not respond to calls to drop a weapon. The male was subsequently shot by officers and was transported to hospital.

IIO 2014-163 RCMP North District & Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (death) 

On the evening of September 17, 2014 members of the (RCMP) North District and a member of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, were involved in a confrontation with one male and one female affected persons. The incident occurred in a rural, forested area near Valemount. The result of the confrontation was that police shot and killed the male affected person and shot and injured the female affected person.

Marten Youssef
Acting Director, Public Accountability

Aidan Buckley
Communications & Stakeholder Relations Liaison

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