IIO Update October 2, 2015

Independent Investigations Office
For Immediate Release


This update includes those new cases under investigation (where serious harm/death and nexus has been confirmed); those cases under preliminary investigation (where serious harm or nexus remains unconfirmed); and updates to those cases where jurisdiction has been released.

 The Chief Civilian Director will sustain jurisdiction if serious harm/death AND a nexus or relationship between the injury and an officer’s action are confirmed.

If the preliminary investigation does not establish serious harm and nexus, the Chief Civilian Director will release all jurisdiction.


New Investigations: Jurisdiction Sustained

These are new cases where the Chief Civilian Director has sustained jurisdiction and a full investigation is underway (since last update Sept 21).


IIO 15-126 Prince George RCMP (serious harm)

On September 8, 2015 police were responding to a call related to a stolen vehicle. Officers located the subject of the complaint and an altercation ensued. While he was being taken into custody, the affected person sustained serious injuries to his jaw and was transported to hospital for treatment.


IIO 15-134 Agassiz RCMP (death)

On September 23, 2015, officers were responding to a complaint at the Cheam Village independent living facility. There, they came into contact with the subject of the complaint, an elderly male who appeared to be in distress. While officers were taking the male into custody, an officer received a non-life threatening knife injury. The elderly male also sustained what was believed to be self-inflicted injuries. BC Ambulance Service attended and provided emergency medical care. The male died prior to being transported to hospital.


In all of these cases, the IIO was notified, jurisdiction was sustained and a full investigation is underway.


Preliminary investigations: pending jurisdiction decisions

These are cases where the IIO has been notified by the police and are still under preliminary investigation.

IIO 15-083 Surrey RCMP (serious harm)

IIO 15-088 Prince George RCMP (serious harm)

IIO 15-102 Prince George RCMP (serious harm)


Jurisdiction released

These are cases where the Chief Civilian Director has released jurisdiction in the absence of a nexus or serious harm.

IIO 15-129 Saanich Police Department (no nexus)

IIO 15-133 Powell River RCMP (no nexus)

IIO 15-135 Vancouver Police Department (no serious harm)

IIO 15-136 Victoria Police Department (no serious harm)


Reports to the Criminal Justice Branch

These are cases where the Chief Civilian Director determined that an offence may have been committed and as a result he is required under the Police Act to refer the file to the Criminal Justice Branch.

IIO 14-176 Terrace RCMP (Other)


Marten Youssef

Manager, Strategic Communications


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