IIO Update to Officer Involved Shooting in Kamloops

Independent Investigations Office
For Immediate Release


SURREY – The Independent Investigations Office of BC confirms it has investigators on the ground in Kamloops.

At this point in time, the IIO is working to establish if it will sustain jurisdiction in the critical incident that occurred yesterday in Kamloops.

In order to sustain jurisdiction, the IIO must satisfy two tests – that the injury sustained by the affected person meets the definition of serious harm and if there was a nexus or relationship between an officer’s actions and the injury.

The IIO can confirm the affected person sustained a gunshot injury to his arm that is believed to have occurred at the initial incident early yesterday morning. That supports the presence of a nexus. IIO investigators will be working with all available and accessible information to clarify the extent of the injury to the affected person.

The RCMP remains fully responsible for the investigation into the actions of the affected person. During this concurrent investigation, there will be investigative activities that are required by both agencies. The MOU signed by the Chief Civilian Director and BC’s police agencies provides direction on these types of concurrent investigations. In particular, any physical processing of evidence will be carried out by the RCMP in concert with the IIO Forensic Investigator who is there in Kamloops.

A further update will be provided once a decision is reached on jurisdiction.



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