Statement from the IIO (2019-124)

Case: 2019-124 Incident Date: July 20, 2019 Location: Prince George Detachment: Prince George Agency: RCMP Incident Classification: Death Case Status: Closed - With Public Report

Statement from the Independent Investigations Office

Surrey – The Independent Investigations Office (IIO) has been advised that there may be inaccurate or speculative information circulating in public regarding a matter that the IIO is investigating. This statement is in response to the potential misinformation being shared.

Over the weekend, the IIO deployed a team of independent investigators to Prince George regarding an incident (IIO 2019-124) that was reported to the IIO.

The IIO is continuing its independent investigation of this matter to determine whether the actions or inactions of police were responsible for the death of a woman in her mid-thirties while in custody.

The evidence gathered to this point does not indicate any involvement of a Conducted Energy Weapon (often referred to as a Taser) in this matter. Additionally, the preliminary medical evidence obtained does not show that the woman suffered from any significant application of force. Further medical information is expected following an autopsy.

The IIO will continue to gather all relevant evidence related to the woman’s arrest and detention. In particular, the investigation will closely examine the woman’s time in custody. In that regard, the IIO has already seized video which documents the woman’s entire time in custody.

We understand that this is a challenging time for the family and friends of the deceased and the community of Prince George. We ask that the community refrain from speculating or sharing unsubstantiated information or rumours about this matter. The IIO’s role is to independently identify the facts and to communicate them to the people of British Columbia once that has been accomplished.

The Chief Civilian Director of the IIO will make a determination in this matter that is based on facts, wherever they lead us. That is our commitment to all British Columbians.

The IIO is asking anyone who may have information about the incident to contact the IIO witness line at 1-855-446-8477.


The IIO is the independent civilian oversight agency of the police in British Columbia. It investigates all officer-related incidents that result in serious harm or death, whether or not there is any allegation of wrongdoing.

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