Weekly Summary and Update on IIO Activities for August 10-16, 2013

Independent Investigations Office
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Aug 16, 2013


As of today’s date, the IIO has deployed on 61 occasions where there was a notification of an officer incident of death or serious harm.  After preliminary investigation, jurisdiction was sustained in 40 cases.  Of the 40 cases, 24 remain open and under investigation or are with the Chief Civilian Director for a decision.  Sixteen cases have been concluded – 10 by Public Report and 6 with a Report to Crown Counsel.  Of the 6 reports to Crown, charges have been approved by Criminal Justice Branch in 1 case; declined in 4 and 1 decision is pending.

New Deployments (Jurisdiction not sustained (1) or pending (1))

In the early morning of August 10, 2013, Burnaby RCMP responded to a complaint near Burnaby Recycling.  Officers came into contact with two individuals.  The male was taken into custody; the female fled.  She subsequently fell and sustained an injury to her shoulder.  IIO investigators deployed and conducted preliminary inquiries.  They were able to determine that the female did not sustain serious injury as previously reported.  As a result, jurisdiction was not sustained and no further action will occur.

In the early morning of August 14, 2013, Chilliwack RCMP responded to a complaint of a male with a knife at a local hotel.  As a result of that contact, officers deployed a Conductive Energy Weapon and the male was taken into custody. Subsequent medical assessment confirmed the male had a serious injury to his jaw.  IIO investigators deployed to Chilliwack and have initiated standard investigative activities including examining evidence, identifying witnesses, and conducting interviews.  The decision to sustain jurisdiction remains pending.

New Investigations (Jurisdiction sustained (2))

On August 11, 2013, at 3:15 a.m., RCMP in Prince George were responding to a complaint that an ATV was being driven in an erratic manner near Northwood Pulpmill Road.  According to the RCMP, the officer attempted to stop the ATV however the driver was not compliant.  The ATV subsequently collided with the police vehicle and landed down an embankment.  The ATV driver sustained minor injuries.  The passenger sustained serious injuries and was transported to hospital.  The officer was uninjured.  The IIO was notified at 3:57 a.m. and sent investigators to Prince George.  The case remains under active investigation.  The RCMP remain responsible for the concurrent investigation into the actions of the ATV driver.  It is expected that this matter will be forwarded to the Chief Civilian Director for his decision.

On March 8, 2013, an adult male experienced a medical emergency at his residence in Prince George.  RCMP  were called to assist BC Ambulance paramedics who were attempting to render aid.  The male continued to experience distress and officers deployed a Conductive Energy Weapon.  The male was transported to hospital.  The IIO was not notified at the time.  On May 22, 2013, the affected person contacted the IIO and provided information related to his medical status.  As a result of that information, IIO investigators were deployed and conducted preliminary inquiries.   Based on the results of the preliminary work, additional investigative activities have been completed and the matter will be forwarded to the Chief Civilian Director for a decision.



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