IIO Asserts Jurisdiction in Nelson, Vancouver and Surrey Cases

Independent Investigations Office
For Immediate Release
April 28, 2014

SURREY – The Independent Investigations Office (IIO) confirms it has asserted jurisdiction in three separate cases over the weekend.

Nelson Police Department

On April 25, 2014, Nelson Police Department responded to a report of an armed robbery at the Nelson Credit Union.  Officers pursued and located an adult male on a bridge in the Bonnington Dam area.  The male affected person reportedly did not comply with officers’ command to stop.  He subsequently climbed over the side of the bridge and attempted to climb down a tree, falling approximately 12 metres below.  The affected person sustained serious injuries.  He was taken into custody and was transported to hospital for treatment.

The IIO asserted jurisdiction and is actively investigating pending the decision to sustain.  This will include deploying IIO investigatiors to Nelson on Tuesday, April 29.

Vancouver Police Department

On April 27, 2014, Vancouver Police Department responded to a complaint of a break and enter. Officers located an adult male and took him into custody.  While transporting the affected person to cells, the police van was struck by another vehicle.  The van spun around and landed on the driver’s side.  The affected person was believed to have sustained a serious injury.   He was transported to hospital for treatment.

The IIO asserted jurisdiction and deployed investigators to the scene.  As a result of the medical follow up, the affected person was determined not to have sustained a serious injury and as such, jurisdiction was not sustained.

No further action will be taken.

South Coast BC Transportation Authority Police Service (Transit)

On April 27, 2014, Transit Police were involved in an incident near the Gateway Sky Train Station.  As a result, shots were fired by an officer.  The affected person(s) reportedly left the scene.  The status of that person remains unconfirmed.

The IIO asserted jurisdiction in the event an affected person was located with serious injuries.  The investigation remains active pending the sustain decision.

In those cases where jurisdiction is sustained, the IIO will conduct a full investigation that will result in either a Report to Crown Counsel or the release of a Public Report.

As set by the Chief Civilian Director, the IIO’s goals are to conduct fair, unbiased, timely, thorough and competent investigations, and ensure transparency through public reporting.

In all three cases, the local police service provided full cooperation to the IIO as per the terms agreed upon in the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by the Chief Civilian Director and B.C.’s police services in July 2012.

In all three cases, the local police service will maintain full jurisdiction over any and all concurrent or parallel investigations involving the affected persons.

Due to the preliminary stage of the investigation, no additional information is available.


Ralph Krenz
Independent Investigations Office of BC




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