IIO Concludes Investigation into Injuries of One Man in Langford (2024-067)

Case: 2024-067 Incident Date: March 20, 2024 Location: Langford Agency: RCMP Incident Classification: Serious Harm Case Status: Closed - Without Public Report

Independent Investigations Office
For Immediate Release

Surrey, B.C. – The Independent Investigations Office (IIO) of BC has concluded an investigation into the injuries of one man in Langford on March 19, 2024 (IIO 2024-067).

At about 2:55 p.m., an off-duty member of the RCMP was driving southbound in the 2500 block of Millstream Road in an unmarked police vehicle when a male cyclist exiting a steep, downward-sloped driveway collided with the police vehicle.

The rider fell off the bicycle in the collision and sustained injuries. The police officer called for an ambulance, and the officer and a bystander provided assistance while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Analysis of the scene shows that when going towards Millstream Road from the driveway, a person’s view of the road is restricted due to high rock outcroppings on both sides. Based on the evidence, when they bicycle left the driveway, the cyclist crossed the sidewalk and one traffic lane before colliding with the driver’s side door of the police vehicle.

The high sides of the driveway also prevented the officer from seeing the bicycle coming down, making it difficult if not impossible for the collision to have been avoided.

The Chief Civilian Director has reviewed the evidence – including a statement from a civilian witness, and scene analysis – and determined that there are no reasonable grounds to believe that the officer committed an offence. Based on the evidence, this incident was an unfortunate accident.

The IIO investigation is now concluded.


The IIO is the independent civilian oversight agency of the police in British Columbia. It investigates all officer-related incidents that result in serious harm or death, whether or not there is any allegation of wrongdoing.


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