IIO Investigating Incident Involving the VPD (2016-193)

Case: 2016-193 Incident Date: September 19, 2016 Agency: Municipal Location: New Westminster Detachment: Vancouver Police Department Incident Classification: Serious Harm Case Status: Closed - With Public Report

Independent Investigations Office
For Immediate Release

Surrey – The Independent Investigations Office of B.C. is investigating an incident involving the Vancouver Police Department.

On September 19, 2016 at around 4 p.m., VPD officers were in New Westminster as part of an ongoing investigation. In the process of arresting a number of individuals, a male bystander who was unrelated to the incident suffered serious injuries as a result of a police service dog bite.

The focus of the IIO investigation is to determine if any officer may have committed an offence as a result of the injuries suffered by the male bystander. The VPD is responsible for any concurrent investigation.

IIO investigators will be interviewing any civilian witnesses and involved officers.

A female civilian was also injured during this incident but this is not being investigated by the IIO as her injuries do not meet the criteria of serious harm.

Any potential witnesses are asked to call the IIO at 1-855-446-8477.

No further information or updates will be provided at this time.



  • The IIO is an independent civilian oversight agency of the police in British Columbia. It investigates all officer related incidents that result in serious harm or death.
  • In the initial stages of an investigation, the IIO must determine if there is a connection between the serious harm or death and the actions or inactions of police. If there is a connection then the IIO will continue to investigate.
  • If there is no connection between police action or inaction and the serious harm or death then the IIO will release jurisdiction.
  • When the IIO proceeds with an investigation, these investigations end in one of two ways:
    • If the Chief Civilian Director (CCD) of the IIO concludes that an officer may have committed any offence then the CCD will refer this case to Crown counsel for consideration of charges. The IIO does not lay charges.
    • If the CCD concludes that no officer may have committed any offence then a public report will be released on the IIO’s website at www.iiobc.ca. These public reports give an in-depth look at the case and explain the CCD’s rationale for not referring the case to Crown counsel.

Marten Youssef
Acting Director, Public Engagement & Policy

Aidan Buckley
Communications & Stakeholder Relations Liaison

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